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How to export goods from Russia


Basic documents to be provided by the exporter for exports of goods from Russia are:

  • A copy of the contract between the shipper and the consignee.
  • Specification of the cargo, additions, annexes to the contract.
  • Documents, confirming the right of the cargo’s ownership by the seller.
  • Certificate of Origin of Goods (this is required depending on the goods)
  • Commercial Invoice (with seller’s/buyer’s details shown, contract number, prices and Incoterms), translation of invoice to Russian;
  • Packing list (with information about packing, net/gross weight, number of packages for each product name) –a weight breakdown will be required if multiple items
  • Bank transfer order from the Bank for the payment of the customs duties and procedures.
  • Permits: licences, certificates, sanitary-epidemiological certificates (if required).
  • For equipment, spare parts and some other goods the following information is needed: cargo’s description, application area (specific use) specifications, etc. – to prove it’s not dual-use cargo.
  • For specific goods Customs may require certain explanatory materials: technical description, booklets, samples, drawings, etc.

Export customs clearance

  • A logistics company cannot act as the exporter – only an actual exporter who is a Russian legal entity or a customs broker acting on their behalf is allowed to declare exports.
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