Oversized and heavy-lift cargo

Oversized and heavy-lift cargo
We are qualified to ensure the seamless, safe, reliable transportation of oversized cargo to or from Russia. We offer transport solutions which are well tailored to the needs of the Russian production and construction facilities

With experience of shipping cargo which, because of its size, shape or weight, cannot be containerised or requires special handling or very tight control, we are qualified to help you.

We can assist you with project planning, route selection, packaging, haulage, cranes, overseas handling, storage, and delivery. A full breakdown of the cost will be provided in advance.

The integrated delivery system for such cargo includes following stages:

  • development and coordination of effective transportation logistics for oversized and heavy-lift cargo, selection of optimal route and transport mode, estimation of relevant costs and the implementation period
  • engineering and technical arrangements for oversized and heavy-lift cargo shipment
  • authorisations and admissions
  • insurance
  • feasibility testing of the entire route intended to transport cargo
  • customs clearance
  • in-port forwarding
  • survey of the cargoes
  • loading/unloading and mounting works
  • routing management and escort
  • integrated tracking and route coordination and delivery time


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