Insurance of liabilities

Insurance of liabilities
We arrange international cargo shipments in such a way as to provide maximum protection for cargo owner interests in every situation

Our liabilities are underwritten by the TT Club

The TT Club was formed in 1968, by members of the transportation and logistics industry interested in meeting their need for specialised insurance and related risk management services.

However, the TT-Club offers much more than insurance, providing a tailored full-service proposition, that gives members access to industry-leading expertise with in-depth technical knowledge and capability.

This is further enhanced by the TT Club’s global network of offices including underwriting centres in four key regions and network offices in another 16 countries.

Today the TT Club is widely acknowledged as the leading insurer of the transportation and logistics industry, providing insurance for 80% of the world’s container fleet and 70% of the world’s top ports.

TT Club is comprised of more than 10,000 companies in 150 countries, including 25 of the world’s 30 largest ship owners, 20 of the 25 largest freight forwarders, 5 of the largest 6 port holding companies, 2 of 3 major leasing companies.

Major foreign freight forwarders, ship owners and leasing companies recognise the TT Club insurance as a guarantee of each member-company’s reliability and level of service.

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